Desperate Housewives – Säsong 1-7 (43 disc) DVD


Now you can spend the night with the beautiful women of Wisteria Lane and relive every minute of the weekly event that heated up televisions around the world. Watch how it all began, and dig up even more dirty laundry on the housewives and their nosey neighbors in Desperate Housewives’ sizzling first season. It’s addictive television at its best.


Secrets will be uncovered and relationships will be revealed as the women of Wisteria Lane hit new heights in their delicious second season. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any steamier, a new neighbor and her handsome teenage son arrive to make new waves on the shady side of suburbia. Wisteria Lane’s neatly manicured lawns can no longer hide the dirt of television’s sexiest women


Soak in the sexy, scandalous secrets of Desperate Housewives’ sensational third season. Bubbling over with the gossip, laug